Juvenilia: Miscellaneous Fragments (in the style of Norse/ Anglo Saxon poetry…)

Miscellaneous fragments illustration
Miscellaneous Fragments

Sounding his war horn, doom-call triumphant,
Vir the Victorious rode in the Sunlight
Swathed in the sanguine blood of his foe-men –
Broken asunder the armies of darkness
The legions of Hell, no match for the hero…

Thanking the gods and lords of fortune
Vir rode onward to new battles,
His heart weary but sword arm restless…

On came the foemen the blood lust upon them
Frenzied as demons fell on the heroes,
Almaric and Ossian brothers in battle,
Shoulder to shoulder facing the onslaught –
A mound heaped about them of gristly corpses…