Frog, Toad and Newt Pictures – sitting on our step August 2015

It is late August 2015, and we have had a lot of amphibians, toads, frogs and newts in various sizes around our small back yard recently in Rainow near Macclesfield, I think there have always been small frogs and toads, but I’ve never seen so many and I’ve also noticed a young newt (eft), the following pictures were taken around 20 to 22-08-15. The area is very damp, the house is on the side of a hill right on the edge of the moors, so we seem to get a lot of wildlife in the area.
There is an area of wooden decking on our small yard and they seem to like to sit against the dry stone wall under the decking, they also seem to like sitting on the stone doorstep, possibly to help regulate their body temperatures when it’s either warm or very cold.

Baby newt (eft) on yard 2

The above seems to be a young newt (eft), it likes sitting on the stone step .

Small frog and baby newt sitting side by side on step

Small toad and eft sitting side by side on the step (blurry).

Small frog sitting on brush

A small frog (we have a lot of them) sitting on the yard brush.

Small frog sitting on yard drain cover 1

Another small frog.

Small newt (eft) sitting on step

The young newt on the stone step.

Small toad sitting on step

Blurry picture of a mid-sized toad sitting on the stone step.

Very small toad sitting on step 2

A smaller toad right by the door, this one is smaller than the one above.

Very small toad sitting on step 3

I think this is a larger toad who has been around over August.