This page documents a small project of mine to re-build the Archipelago MUD as it was in the mid to late 90s.

You can access it publicly on (warning, this is still being worked on so you may find bugs or other issues, it may be down at times), R K Chin’s Archipelago help site is amazingly still online providing help on playing (and building).

The ‘restored’ version of Archipelago files
To date I have re-built and re-arranged the core areas and deactivated areas which were deprecated. The archive below provides latest versions of the files as I am working on them, Note – this not the cut down public release of Archipelago (shown in the compiling instructions below) this larger restored version should not need tweaks to the code and should compile from the src directory using ‘make’ on most unix type systems without modifying the makefile:  See Archipelago src and world files latest version (Updated 21-04-18 2258). For updates to the code see the motd or immotd in the ‘lib’ folder. Note the special makefile shown its own folder for Cygwin, Mingw, Mysys etc.

Older cut-down version of Archipelago released in late 90s
Also see Instructions for running the older cut down/publicly released version of the MUD –  this is the original stock/basic version of Archipelago available on the circlemud FTPs site, with many less features than the version I have re-built above but it gives you some idea how to compile.