This page documents a small project of mine to re-build the Archipelago MUD as it was in the mid to late 90s, to date I have re-built and re-arranged a lot of core areas, deactivated areas which were deprecated and badly incomplete and done a lot of maintenance on issues such as shops, the MUD isn’t permanently online anywhere right now and I have been testing and developing  this on a NAS box since late 2015. These Archipelago files are based on src and area files people have passed me over the years, the public version of Archipelago only includes a few areas around Lamman and was extremely buggy.  If you want to run this locally you will need to be familiar with Linux/UNIX and sys admin. You need to set all the ulimits to unlimited or high values.

I am in the process of walking through all the areas and completing maps which are available in Lamman at the merchant quarter and from map shops in other cities.

The RAR below provides latest and historical versions of the files as I am working on them.

archismall 21-02-16 1310

Let me know if you want to connect to try out the mud live on my NAS and I’ll mail you the IP and port.